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Ann-Marie MacDonald‘s latest novel, Adult Onset, published in September 2014 in Canada, was launched this week in the UK by her publisher here, Sceptre, an imprint of Hodder & Stoughton. She came to London to promote the book, and yes, talked with Canadian Writers Abroad – the interview will be published next week. Meanwhile, here is a quotation from Adult Onset (Advanced Reader’s Copy p. 3.) to whet your appetite:


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“Mary Rose MacKinnon is unused to continuity. She grew up in a family that moved every few years until she was a teenager, and each time it was as if everything and everyone vanished behind them. Or entered a different realm, a mythic one wherein time stopped, the children she had known never grew older and, as in a cartoon, people and places retained the same clothes and aspect day after day, regardless of weather, explosions or being shot by Elmer Fudd. She would not change a thing, however, each move having brought with it a sense of renewal; as though she had outrun a shameful past—starting at age three.”
-Ann-Marie MacDonald, Adult Onset






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  1. eleanorcrowder March 14, 2015 at 12:03

    Gorgeous read. It felt like being inside out, the voice was so exactly up close. I demolished it and promptly handed it to a friend who had an Ottawa PEI train journey. The closest I’ve ever read to the ennui and angst of raising small children.


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