What do these writers have in common?

Jacques Brault

Morley Callaghan

Morley Callaghan, 1960, Walter Curtin, Archives Canada

Mavis Gallant

cover of The Moslem Wife and Other Stories

John Glassco

Look at this interactive map for Glassco and others.

Nancy Huston

Nancy Huston

Nancy Huston, Paris Match

Dorothy Livesay

Dorothy Livesay 1924

Your bonus question: what kind of music has inspired book titles by Livesay and Huston?

Gabrielle Roy, A. & B. Zarov, Archives Canada

Gabrielle Roy

3 thoughts on “What Do They Have in Common?

  1. Yes, having lived in Paris is indeed what they have in common. Livesay published Plainsongs in 1971 and Huston published Plainsong in 1993. Plainsong refers to liturgical chants, such as Gregorian chant.


  2. Well, both Huston and Livesay published books entitled Plainsong, but Huston’s was a (self-) translation of her Cantique des plaines. Oddly, the pun works in English, and not really in French.


  3. Okay, given your mandate, and the map, I’m going to go with: They all spent significant artistic time in Paris… but honestly, this makes me want to go back and take a course in Canadian Modernism… which is not my field, although I am being pulled inexorably towards it…


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