Guernica editionsI thought I would share with you some of the great resources I come across in my research for Canadian Writers Abroad. I found the two below while doing photo research, on a topic that I wouldn’t likely write about: translators — the people who enable most of Canada to read literature coming out of Quebec. There are of course translators who work in a language other than French in Canada, such as the great teacher and poet George Johnston.

Please feel free to share your links to good essays or reviews on translation of literary works in Canada.

So here it is: Translators of Canada: Paul Wilson, Wayne Grady, and David Lobdell, by Marc Fortin. Just click the title.

And here is a companion piece on Guernica, which publishes translations: Guernica Editions by Linda Morra.

David Homel and Adrian King-Edwards

David Homel and Community Award winner Adrian King-Edwards
Photo © 2009, Studio Iris

These folks give a translation prize every year: the Quebec Writers’ Federation. The third photo is from their Awards page. David Homel is a novelist and translator. And Adrian King-Edwards is the world famous owner of the bookstore The Word in Montreal.

Oh, right, the Governor General also gives translation awards. And of course translators are organized: Association des traducteurs et traductrices littéraires du Canada/Literary Translators’ Association of Canada.



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