Fault Line

Once in Iceland
I stretched my arms
between the continental divide
Bumpy black igneous rock
tangible crevice

Going home
Coming home
always in between

My heart
a fault-line between continents

Five time zones
Flying round the world
never landing
on the right spot

Aging mother needs her daughter
Pre-school son needs his mother
I need both

Visits don’t quite do it
each parting a little death
Crying on both ends
always in between

Beneath the crevice
close to the surface
magma my conundrum

Frances: “When are you coming to Canada?
Well, we will have a glorious reunion!”

—Carolyn Gammon, from the manuscript of On Her Own Terms: Poems about Memory, Loss and Living Life to the Fullest. Quotation by her mother, Frances Firth Gammon.


Carolyn at Frances' 90th birthday

Carolyn Gammon with Frances on her 90th birthday.

Coming soon: Gabriella Goliger’s article on Carolyn Gammon.

Iceland photo credit: Martin Riese.

Posted by Debra Martens

author, editor