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This is the last post for 2012. Canadian Writers Abroad has now been going for just over a year. Since November 23, 2011, I have posted 45 entries. The site has had over 6,000 views, and a grand total of 65 people are following it. (This number fluctuates as people realize CWA isn’t really about Chelsea football, for example.) The most views on one day numbered 160 on December 27, following the Solstice post with poems by Robyn Sarah. Canadian Writers Abroad’s viewers are all over the world: in the past month, of the 37 countries listed, many visitors are in Canada and the United Kingdom, but in order of descending number of viewers, the list includes the United States, Germany, France, Norway, and Poland. From there we leave Europe for India, Mexico, Morocco, Singapore, Panama and Djibouti — and many more. This seems like the moment to say thank you to readers and contributors alike. Thanks to those who followed, and thanks to those who agreed to become involved. But that’s not all folks. For our readers in this wonderful world, please note that more good things are coming from Canadian Writers Abroad in 2013. First up will be an interview with Kate Pullinger. And that’s all we can promise, because last time I promised Paris, it did not come to pass. Just to say that plans are afoot. May 2013 bring you good books to read.

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  1. Thank you for your efforts, Debra. May 2013 be a creative and productive year for you and your family. I look forward to when we welcome you back to the Georgetown Pub. All the best,



    1. Thanks for the best wishes. I’d like to think CWA is more than my efforts. I couldn’t do it without the help of my computer consultant, Barbara Richards, or the contributors and participants, or readers who comment….


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